At Matt Black Jewellery it has always been our aim to create sustainable jewellery without having to compromise on design or quality.

We're not perfect - we're a young business and we know that there's always more that we could be doing - and over time we'll look to implement more and more as our resources allow.

Sustainability is also not just 'not using plastic', which we reduce to absolute minimum already, but many, many things, so please read on and find out what we do do and what we plan to do.

What we do now

  • Over 90% of the materials used in our designs comes from either recycled or upcycled sources.
  • All of our ring, bracelet and earring display boxes are re-used where possible. Where this isn't possible we look to source eco-friendly packaging alternatives.
  • We rely on public transport when we're out and about and going to markets, festivals and fairs.

Long term sustainability goals

  • Become a certified carbon neutral business with
  • Transition to 100% plastic free and eco-friendly packaging.

We're not arrogant enough to understand all that we can and can't be doing. We also listen to our customers (that's you!) 👈

If you have any suggestions about what we could and should be doing you're welcome to be part of the conversation. Tag us on social media using #mattblacksustainability or email Matt personally at